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Forum Rules

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Please keep in mind that people of all ages are invited to visit the Forum, so this should always be considered a G-rated, family-friendly message board. We refer to this as the "9-year-old daughter rule": if you wouldn't say it in front of your 9-year-old daughter, don't say it here. Keep this simple maxim in mind when choosing the subject matter of your post, as well as the language you use.

We want to encourage open and active communication among Members, but sometimes it takes only one bad apple to destroy the tenor of a discussion. If a post violates Forum rules, it may be summarily edited or deleted by a Moderator. If repeated violations occur, the Member might be banned.

Additional, specific rules are as follows:
  1. No profanity, pseudo-profanity, or abbreviated profanity. If you are in doubt about a word, term, or phrase, don't use it.
  2. No personal attacks on other Members. None. We can be respectful even in disagreement.
  3. No posting of messages promoting or implying illegal conduct of any type.
  4. Posts with racist, anarchist, or antisocial comments or content are not allowed, and links to sites with such content are not allowed.
  5. Sexually suggestive or provocative posts or images are forbidden, as are links to sites with such content.
  6. Spam will not be tolerated. There are Internet sites like that help us keep track of spam posts and links and, even if not yet listed there, the true nature of suspicious material/links can often be revealed in seconds by simple Google searches. If you post possible spam, it will be deleted. If you post blatant, confirmed spam, your account will be deleted.
  7. English is the Forum's default language, but the Threlkeld One-Name Study is a global effort. As you post, please remain mindful of any specific idioms that might be unfamiliar or misinterpreted by others.
  8. Signature lines:
    A) Signature lines are limited to four (4) lines and no more than 400 characters (including spaces), this to be mobile-device friendly.
    B) Photos in the signature line can be no larger that 128 x 256. If you would like to keep the same image ratio as the original, it is acceptable to make it 128 pixels high with an appropriate width not exceeding 384 pixels. No animated GIFs in signature lines.
    C) A maximum of two (2) links are allowed in signature lines.
  9. Avatars are allowed but they are subject to all of the Forum Rules. If it wouldn't be allowed as a photo in a post, or if it sends a message that would violate Forum rules, then it is not appropriate as an avatar. The maximum size limit is 90 pixels by 90 pixels (80x80 is preferred) and a maximum file size of 30KB. is one of numerous websites that allow you to create an avatar from an exiting photo.
  10. Business logos and use of business names as user names are prohibited unless you own that specific intellectual property, or are authorized by the owner to use the intellectual property. For example, if you work for and allows you to display its logo, you may use the logo in your signature line and as an avatar providing the size limitations are adhered to. If you are not specifically authorized by to represent it, you may not use an logo. If you have a business, it is also acceptable to place a link to your business Website in your signature line so long as the text is no larger than the Forum's default size.
  11. Off-topic posts/threads: Since they tend to cause the most problems for other boards, our "The Watercooler" sub-forum is not an "anything goes" area. In general, stay away from politics and religion, and from any other matter that might be an emotionally-charged, hot-button issue.
  12. Do not hijack threads. If a post gives you an idea for a new or different discussion, start a new Topic.
  13. When quoting material from other Websites or sources, the following rules apply:
    A) Give credit to the author and publication either at the beginning of the quote, or at the end. When the format allows, put the title of the article at the beginning.
    B) Do not post the entire article, post no more than 200 words or 10% of the article, whichever is less.
    C) Enclose the material in quotation marks or use italic font to clearly identify the material as a quotation; include a link to the Website that contains the material or, if the material is not from a Website, fully identify the source including the author.
  14. It is necessary to use legitimate email addresses when registering. Most disposable or temporary email domains have been put on the banned list and others will be added as they are identified. This does not refer to free email addresses like Gmail or, but to disposable address that are valid for only a short time then automatically deleted. If it is discovered you have used a disposable email address to register, your account may be summarily deleted.