About the Study
The Threlkeld One-Name Study: building a global resource for people researching histories, pedigrees,
and demographics of the Threlkeld surname and variant spellings

Who,  What,  Why,  How,  When,  &  Where

How to Participate
There are no work or time commitments. What could be easier? Find out more about activities and benefits...
Overview &
A top-level look at the study and why we undertook it as part of the Guild of One-Name Studies...
Objectives & Scope
What we hope to achieve in terms of general goals, and the scope under which we're operating...
Design & Methodology
How we're organized, how we manage data, and how we handle communications and privacy...

So  Far...

Study Members
Known Variants
Source Records
Individual Profiles
This is just a snapshot, and doesn't include things like individual profiles or in-progress or planned projects.

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Help Grow the Body of Knowledge

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Research & gather data; determine the importance of the data

Calculate & Create

Analyze & evaluate; create research projects & genealogies

Connect & Collaborate

Reach out to other researchers; work toward shared goals

Conserve & Continue

Store & protect information; strive for continual improvement

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