Privacy Policy
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All genealogy websites must balance information disclosure with privacy, and we let you control how much of your information is shared.

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of your personally identifiable information. In adopting this participant privacy policy, our intent is to balance our non-profit mission and legitimate genealogical needs in collecting and using information with your reasonable expectations of privacy.

The Threlkeld One-Name Study does not collect personally identifying information about individuals, except when specifically and knowingly provided by such individuals. This information is used only for internal purposes, either to provide access to participant-only areas of the website, to respond to e-mail inquiries generated from our site, or to compile traffic analyses for our site. Furthermore, real names and e-mail addresses are never disclosed to any third party for any purpose.

We also do not store or provide DNA data. For the convenience of the Study's participants and at their option, we will make available links to DNA testing or comparison/matching websites where certain types of DNA data might be found.

In contrast to our policy on personal information, we do automatically collect anonymous information. Specifically, our webservers use cookies to collect information about each user's visit to our website, including which pages visited, the date and time of each page view, the referer site, if any, and the IP addresses of visitors. This is used for internal purposes only. Such information will not be posted or published by us, or provided to any third parties, and it contains no data that can personally identify a user.

Technology on the Internet is developing at a rapid pace, and we need to maintain our flexibility in the online arena. If we need to change our policy in the future, we will post these changes as soon as they go into effect.

Also see our section on Data Ownership and Terms of Use.

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