About the Threlkeld Study
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Etymology & Origins
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Blog: Counting Chromosomes
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The Threlkeld Tribune
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  • About the Threlkeld Study
  • Etymology & Origins
  • Blog: Counting Chromosomes
  • Research Assets & Archives
  • The Threlkeld Tribune

The Village of Threlkeld, Cumbria, and Surroundings

  • Independent & Collaborative Projects, Large & Small
    It costs nothing to participate, in either fees or time commitment, but our Members help to grow the worldwide knowledgebase and have access to research and publications

  • Registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies
    An official Guild Study, registration #7695, we embrace the principles and guidelines of a global surname study

  • Members' Only Assets Area with Almost 3GB Of Files
    From complete 19th century books, family photographs uploaded by Members, to research papers produced by the Study, the Assets & Archives area is our library

  • Threlkeld Surname Project at Family Tree DNA
    Critical to achieving some of the goals of the Study, we administer the Threlkeld Surname DNA Project at FTDNA and encourage all who test to join

  • Member Forum with Threaded-Discussion Message Board
    Our community discussion area for just about any subject imaginable; it's also the hub of collaboration within the Study

FEB 14 2018
We're Unofficially Open!
We won't tell the search engines just yet that they can index the site, but we're no longer in beta test mode...let's call it "pre-release," at least for the next few days.