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Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) announced today on the Family TreeDNA Forums that it can now accept transfer of autosomal DNA test results from the 23andMe v5 test and the AncestryDNA v2.2. Note that the latter is not an official version designation by AncestryDNA and it is not completely clear at this time if the v2.2 test is still being run on an Illumina OmniExpress+ chip. SNPedia refers to the most recent iterations of the Ancestry tests as versions "2c" and "2d," appearing April 2018 and December 2018 respectively. We believe it is this December 2018 version that FTDNA can now accommodate.

The 23andMe v5 test debuted August 2017 and was the first to use the then-new Illumina GSA (Global Screening Array) chip. With redefined SNP targets, the problem for genealogists with the new chip was that it tested only about 20% of the same SNPs or reference sequence IDs (RSIDs) as does Illumina's OmniExpress chip. Attempting matching between results from the two chips is challenging and will always carry a level of uncertainty simply because the sets of data compared are largely disparate.

With it's completion of data migration to the Genesis version of its database, GEDmatch has shown that they will, at least at this time, attempt no genotype modeling or imputation in an effort to compare OmniExpress and GSA results. They have made alterations in default SNP density and contiguity thresholds, and do indicate in their matching tools the amount of overlap in number of SNPs compared so that users may understand when a comparison might be lacking adequate data, but they will not attempt to artificially augment the comparison by imputing allele values that were not tested. It remains to be seen what approach FTDNA is taking to accommodate GSA data.

Update 13 February 2019: FTDNA is reporting to volunteer Group Administrators that 23andMe v5 data files are not uploading as expected at this time, and that the problem is being analyzed for correction.

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