What's Here?
A snapshot of the multiple features, functions, and resources that comprise
the Threlkeld One-Name Study and the Threlkeld DNA Project

We use different online venues and/or functions to meet the various needs of the Study. All are, and will remain, completely free, but they differ in purpose and how you use them. The table below is a quick look at the various features and functions, and how your access to them is managed.

Feature/Function Registration Required? Included in
Can Subscribe
or Manage
To View To Use
Public Threlkeld ONS Website Access
You can view most everything except file downloads and uploads; some research papers are made public periodically
No No N/A N/A
Private Threlkeld ONS Website Access
Some areas of the site are private, notably our library, Assets & Archives, file uploads, and administrative areas
Yes Yes Yes No
Free Email Forwarding Address
An optional @ThrelkeldFamily.org forwarding email address; mail sent to your custom address routes automatically to your regular email address
N/A Yes Yes No
Your Personal Member's Profile
Help researchers of your family find you with a snapshot of your pedigree, a link to your WikiTree profile, links to your DNA testing information
No Yes Yes No
The Threlkeld DNA Project at Family Tree DNA
Critical to the goals of the Study, we administer the Threlkeld Surname Project at FTDNA
No Yes No Yes
WikiTree Threlkeld Name Study
We use WikiTree as our collective family tree of-record repository; begin at the start page for the Study at WikiTree
No Yes No Yes
Blog: Counting Chromosomes
Our blog about genealogy, genetics, and history; viewable separately at CountingChromosomes.com; also available by subscription via the RSS Feed
No N/A N/A Yes
The Threlkeld Tribune
Published each morning, TheTribune.news includes Study information as well as articles from around the world; subscribe for daily email delivery
No N/A No Yes
Webtrees GEDCOM Archives
Study Members can upload a GEDCOM for backup and preservation, and the Member may opt to have private access to it in a full-function family tree application
No Yes No Yes
RootsWeb Mailing List
The RootsWeb THRELKELD discussion mailing list; we administer it, but its use is completely separate from the Study
Yes Yes No Yes
Threlkeld Study Mailing List
An announcements list used no more than once per month, this is our general state-of-the-study mailing; opt-in or opt-out at this link
Yes N/A Yes Yes
Threlkeld ONS at the Guild of One-Name Studies
For now, we have a profile at the Guild website; in 2018 we will begin to mirror some of our data there
No N/A N/A N/A
Twitter Feed
We are @ThrelkeldStudy on Twitter; find and follow us at twitter.com/ThrelkeldStudy
No N/A No Yes

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