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We recently announced the new study into at-home genetic testing being conducted at the University of British Columbia. The initial phase focused on those just now taking their first tests so that brief surveys could be completed both before and after receiving test results.

Today the scope of the UBC study has opened to those who have taken an at-home DNA test in the past. Participation by new test-takers is still encouraged, but all who have taken any popular direct-to-consumer DNA test are now welcome. The academic study is university-sponsored, and is free and completely confidential. Anita DeLongis, the study's director describes the effort:

There is a great interest today in direct-to-consumer genetic testing. We have heard from many people about results that surprised and delighted them, as well as from others whose DNA revealed family secrets that caused distress. Our objective is to understand the goals people have in seeking out genetic testing, and the impact receiving results has on individuals and their families. We want to engage with people as they move through the process of deciding to submit their DNA, through to how they feel when they get their results, to the impact when they share their results with friends and family. Participating in our study is completely confidential, and results will only be shared with the scientific community and the public in aggregate, only in groupings of participants. We never share findings about a particular individual.
     —Dr. Anita DeLongis

You can learn more, and begin your participation, at this link to the study at the UBC website.

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