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Our latest blog post, "Genetic Genealogy and the Dunning-Kruger Effect," received comments on Twitter and Facebook from noted genealogists like Debbie Cruwys Kennett, Blaine Bettinger, Roberta Estes, Leah Larkin, Louis Kessler, Yvette Hoitink, Elizabeth Shown Mills, and many others, resulting in lively Facebook discussions and our record single-day number of hits to the Counting Chromosomes blog.

Both Facebook Groups involved are Closed and require admission, and both are well worth the subscription and participation:

As to shattering our single-day record, on 11 September 2018 the blog post had 2,566 distinct reads. The previous record was 1,102. Being controversial was not the intent, but clearly the subject did get folks talking.

I told Elizabeth Shown Mills that I needed to print and frame one of her comments. I'm not certain there is a serious genealogist alive who doesn't know of, and owe a debt of gratitude to, Elizabeth. She's been recognized as "the genealogist who has had the greatest impact on American genealogy in the post-Roots era," she has a curriculum vitae longer than I am tall, and she's the author of essential reference books, professional guides, and historical fiction. She wrote:

I started out highlighting all the quotable passages in this blog post. I gave up when I noticed that most of the text was being highlighted.

Thanks, Elizabeth!

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