Latest Threlkeld News
The latest news and updates about the Threlkeld One-Name Study,
plus occasional at-a-glance snippets about family history happenings

The doors opened Sunday, February 25 with all major functions tested and operational. Search engine indexing, which will require a few days for complete cataloging, has begun. Study registration, the Assests & Archives library, file uploads, the Forum*, the Threlkeld Tribune, the Counting Chromosomes Blog, and the archival family trees where we'll seek to document the earliest progenitors of the surnames and major surname variants of the Study are all now available.

There are some additional nice-to-have features we hope to introduce before the end of May. In April we expect the first Study-produced research paper to be published. It will investigate the large number of surname variant spellings, and look at their etymologies and frequencies of use. We hope to be able to determine which are definitely variant spellings, which are possible variants, and which are of different origins and probably unrelated to the Threlkeld One-Name Study.

* Update: As of 2019 the Forum had to be closed permanently. The volume and frequency of spam and hacking attempts became untenable.

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