One-Name Study Member: Ed Williams Founding Member

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Ed W
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Earliest confident study-related lineage:

  • Elba Henry Threlkeld (1823–1880) and Sarah Bedell Mobley (1829–1895)
    • Henry Thomas Threlkeld (1865–1940) and Leveda Melvin Pollard (1866–1940)
      • Henry Austin Threlkeld (1887–1945) and Hattie Dee Laws (1885–1978)
        • M. Threlkeld (1920–1967)

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Y-chromosome (yDNA) haplogroup, if known: R-BY3332

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup, if known: H

Can the member's yDNA be tested for the Study? No

Member of the Threlkeld DNA Project at Family Tree DNA? N/A

Testing Information

Company Test Taken Kit / ID
Family Tree DNA Y-chromosome STR markers 28630 E. Williams
Family Tree DNA Y-chromosome SNPs (haplogroup) 28630 E. Williams
AncestryDNA Autosomal DNA ewilliams1
Genographic Project Y-chromosome STR markers
GEDmatch A493619
GEDmatch Genesis TV5209687
YSearch 7Q7DV