Counting Chromosomes
A blog of random musings on genealogy, genetics, science, and history

Q: Why the title, "Counting Chromosomes?" Will the blog only be about DNA?

Not only about DNA...though much of it no doubt will be because DNA testing is the most important new tool for genealogy. As to the name, that's mostly a marketing thing.

I wanted something catchier than "My Blog," so I went looking at as many genealogy blogs I could locate for ideas. And there are a bunch of them. Some titles are creative and memorable, some...not so much. I also wanted a title I could put a license plate on, if you will: register an internet domain name with that title.

Having done some branding work for companies in the past, the next thing I did was compile an extensive list of synonyms and words related to my core subjects. Then I started brainstorming, rearranging the words, mentally adding prepositions, that sort of stuff. You can get some spectacularly bad results this way. Nobody wants to read "Getting into Genes," "Genes Treed," or "Mr. Rogers Nucleotide." It's okay to laugh at my expense; I do it all the time.

With tongue-in-cheek gratitude to the Scotsman Robert Burns for his 1785 poem, from which John Steinbeck extrapolated the title of his 1937 Of Mice and Men.

Eclipse Diagram Before the doors could ever open, plans went awry. This endeavor began taking on a life of its own...causing tangents that we thought might need to be readied before we go live. There have been a couple of technical glitches that can be worked around, but we have to convince ourselves that getting the website open—even if several desired functions are not ready—is more important than continued development in a vacuum where no one can participate at all.